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More you start knowing, more things seems complicated. I guess you have already decided to choose BSC CSIT for your bachelor course, it was not easy. You have gone through:

Why BSCSIT is best : http://www.bsccsit.com/blog/8-reasons-why-b-sc-csit-is-the-best-course/

Scope in BSCCSIT : http://www.bsccsit.com/blog/scope-of-csit/

What graduates are doing after graduation : http://www.bsccsit.com/blog/top-10-careers-after-graduation-from-bsc-csit/

Prepare for Entrance Exam http://www.bsccsit.com/blog/how-do-i-prepare-for-csit-entrance/

Now, You are looking for admission ( http://www.bsccsit.com/admission/) in best college. Which you expect someone saying this is No1 college, but believe me it is not the good idea to follow the rank.

College, teachers and friends are influence by personal observation, The college you like may not be liked by another, So make the judgment on your personal impression. And here is the tips which will help you.

- Judge yourself, What do you like to do in College? Do you like proper systematic environment or flexible and adhoc system?

- Do you want to manage all the resources like book, notes, equipment and facilities by yourself or you want your college should provide?

- Do you want to study in morning or in day?

- Do you want your college provide you all the important skills and knowledge or you want to organize yourself?

- Do you want your college should help you for intern and job opportunities or you are confident you can do yourself?

- Do you want the college who also promote extra activities or you are looking for college who significantly focus on your study?

Tips for choosing Best CSIT College in Nepal.


Seminar On Why Graduating on ICT and Engineering Matters Completed Successfully . This Seminar went helpful for student planning to pursue their career as ICT or engineering Graduates. Speakers , Mr. Prakash Neupane and Mr. Anish Shrestha shared their experience of their student life and as ICT professionals.
Thank you our Speakers and all participants.
Today, This Seminar was held on Russian center of Science and Culture Kamalpokhari From 3:00 PM -5:00 PM.
Stay tuned with US to join on upcoming seminar.
Want to join entrance preparation crash course call 9801127260(Rajan) | 9849665172 (Gopal) : See Details 
Photos of event can be found Here 

Seminar On Why graduating on ICT and Engineering Matters conducted Successfully

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