CSIT Entrance Preparation Book out on Market

CSIT Entrance Preparation Book out on Market

Ascol Creative group a group of csit students of ascol campus led by Gopal Nepal has successfully published the csit entrance prepation book.This is the fourth edition of the book and has came with alot of modification overcoming the mistakes of previous editions. 

For this book teachers from ascol, csit colleges, TU , csit entrance toppers of previous years and the ascol creative group have put lot of work . 

This edition of book has came with old questions you can get 10 sets of model questions. It features many mathematical formulas, grammar-english, physics important keys and formulas with chemistry important reactions, to help students preparing for the entrance of csit, and would be very helpful to the students to prepare by themselves.

Hurry Up , buy your copy now !!

congratulations, Gopal Nepal, Pujan ThApa, Kamal Raj Joshi And the team for this success.


Team bsccsit.com   would like to congratulate the team and wished best for the best sells.