The college understands the need of twenty-first century organizations’ needs and prepares its graduates who are capable of addressing needs of the industry. The programme prepares students to address the need of technically competent IT professionals that business industries, government bodies, NGOs, INGOs, hospitals, banks and other kinds of organizations require. The college engages students in different project works and assignments which help them possess the appropriate combination of knowledge and practical to take care of both organization’s information technology infrastructures and the people who use it. Further, experiential learning and hands-on exposure to current and emerging technology is a key feature at Samajik College’s CSIT course.


Why Samajik ?

Our Aim

We aim to teach, train, guide, and motivate students to effectively make their way into a challenging and rewarding IT and computing career.


Our Mission

The mission of the Samajik College is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education. We prepare students to investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in technology while educating outstanding students to become creative members of society.

Our values

Institutional values influences how we make and carry out decisions, and how we interact with internal and external constituencies. Our core values are:

>>Dedication   >>Honour   >>Respect   >> Trust   >> Responsibility

Vote of Welcome

Ram Krishna Dahal
Welcome to Samajik College. As the principal of the college, I am proud to introduce you to the outstanding academic program and activities that truly make us an IT College.The college is committed to build a vital foundation for studying computing and IT. We connect students to the innovative world of IT and computing through modern classroom and practical lab experiences and through innovative educational approaches. Our program is supported by experienced and innovative faculty members, staff and management team who bring their knowledge and expertise.

Samajik College provides us the best learning environment to upgrade our knowledge in the field of IT. Professors regularly share their experiences, time and resources to nurture students’ intellectual development.Together, they establish an academic environment that is simultaneously rigorous and collaborative. Studying Bsc.CSIT at Samajik College we are preparing for the software workforce. We have an opportunity to discuss with some of Nepal’s most talented and dedicated faculties and professionals on a range of innovative and challenging projects.

Sudip Adhikari , BSc CSIT

Teaching, training, guidance, and motivation”, a complete package of effective learning is what we can absolutely expect from Samajik College. Reading, writing and mutual interactions are common things; what we have here is: ‘preparation to our best level in order to get the right tract for Journey of success to success to make our life meaningful, additionally.’ Samajik College brings us a group of like-minded, creative, vibrant and qualified young teachers with enormous enthusiasm coming together on one platform to foster the education status of the students.

Niraj Baidhya, BSc CSIT

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