Kathmandu BernHardt College(KBC) is a unique institution designed to disseminate quality education to students. Enriched with nearly three decade of experiences in the field of education beginning right from school level to Bachelor level with wonderful and meaningful contribution to the society have proven it as a centre of educational excellence as well as one of the foremost education institutions in Kathmandu. Considering education as a life time investment, BernHardt is dedicated to provide management, humanities, and science & technology education with its pedagogy of mixing university syllabus with modern technology to budding professionals. 

From its inception, together with furnished and comfortable classrooms, fully equipped library with books and journals and ample learning opportunities and suitable academic programs in its own corporate building, college enjoys full support and patronage of the parents, well-wishers and students.

Core Values for Bernhardt ?

Our Aim

We aim to motivate, train, guide, and train students to effectively make their way into a challenging and rewarding IT and computing career. We teach to create students career for betterment.


Our Mission

The vision of BernHardt is to develop the center of excellence for Management, Technical and Professional education and Research at par with national and international standards, advancing the nation’s interests to fulfill gaps of skilled professionals as well as to compete successfully in the global arena

Our Mission

The mission of BernHardt is to establish it as world class learning centre that equip students with the skills, ability and knowledge to successfully compete in their chosen discipline. BernHardt aims to provide a foundation of lifetime learning, dedicate itself to foster intellectual growth, identify needs and constraint to overcome shortcoming which will enable students to compete in the challenging opportunities.

Vote of Welcome

Mr. KB Maharjan

Dear Students

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to BernHardt College family on behalf of the Directors, the professors of the college and the many support staff. At BernHardt, we are a dream team. We work together to inspire our students to build up their career and transform themselves into decent people. More often than not, we see that students who leave BernHardt after some years with us are not the same individuals who enter it; they are transformed in the process.For this, we strive to give them numerous opportunities to develop their individual interests and to cultivate their talents through enrichment, engagement and extra-curricular activities. 

I am feeling really very glad to express my view of my College where I have spent 3 years for my Bachelors’ Level studies. I am thankful to all the faculty members as well as the whole staff who have supported me during my studies. The combination of experienced teachers and the quality education has established BernHardt in a different arena today. BernHardt College has helped me to gain good education. Cooperative, helpful and friendly teachers have provided me with the opportunity to learn more. The support and encouragement of the teachers and friends have helped me to achieve Gold Medal in my Bachelors’ Level. I was also able to achieve Gold Medal during my Masters studies as well due to the strong background that I set through BernHardt. I am really very happy with my decision to join BernHardt College. Now I think that it was my best decision in my life. That decision has made me excel in my studies as well as career. From my experience, BernHardt College is the best college in town. I would like to welcome all those who have joined BernHardt College for their higher studies and like to wish all the best for their future.

Srijana Bajracharya BBS,TU Topper 2066 

Indeed, I feel very lucky myself for being the student of the BSc CSIT program at BernHardt. The experience for my Bachelor in Computer Science is awesome and thrilling. BernHardt is, no doubt, a far better educational destination for those who are thirsty of knowledge. As a student of senior batch, I take this opportunity to express my best regards to all new comers of  BSc. CSIT at BernHardt for their bright and prosperous future ahead.

Anita Baidhya BSc CSIT, 2068

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