How should Computer Science and IT/Engineering students should study for Career.

CSIR student

How should Computer Science and IT/Engineering students should study for Career.

For the most of the IT and Engineering students, there is very simple way forward, Study Hard, Score Good Marks, Graduate with Decent Percentage, Find a Good Job in Good Company. Which sounds really easy and happy for most of the students. People with the big dreams at the beginning end up with frustration which this simple formula doesn’t look powerful while fighting in the real world. So here is the suggestion to the current students to pick the fight with better preparation.

Find your passion.

The fist thing you have to do is to explore yourself and understand very well about you. It’s not necessary that everyone success with the same formula. But the question might be in your mind is how do you know your passion.

For that I always says, make you hand dirty with everything. Look, this is very straight, you can’t do same after your graduation. Everyone has the flexibility and good time while studying college. You can manage your time, work with your friends, skip some class, stay sleepless. Don’t make early decision on anything, enjoy yourself.

Don’t feel shame of doing what you are enjoying, Don’t fear the society. Be brave and ask people for help. Don’t be very judgmental, its better to experience yourself then just living other people experience

Open your eyes and ears.

Your book is not enough to make you capable to deal with tomorrow’s no one knows problem. Things are changing very fast and the good tech person should be able to cope with this change instantly to survive in this big competition.

You should learn from online class and read blog regularly. You should participate in online forum discussion.

Join tech sessions, event, seminars. Participate on hackathon, codecamp. This things will build your confidence.