8 Reasons Why B.Sc. CSIT is the Best Course

8 Reasons Why B.Sc. CSIT is the Best Course

There are different Computer and IT related courses available, but not all are equivalently competitive. Choosing the right course is a big decision and it is important to get it right, as it can impact your future success. Many students have great difficulty choosing a good course because a course of study often has a decisive effect on future career options. Students are confused with which course to choose that can take them ahead in this cutting edge of competition. So, I thought to underline the key points of the B.Sc. CSIT course that can make the interested students aware about the fact that why B.Sc. CSIT could be a right choice for their undergraduate studies.


1. Latest Curriculum : Width & Depth
B.Sc. CSIT course has the updated curriculum contents meeting the latest technology modernization. Its comprehensive curriculum incorporates varied areas in computer science and information technology. Along with adequate elective courses to be specialized, B.Sc. CSIT course program provides in-depth understanding of theory, design, programming, and applications of computers.


2. Integrated Course : Computer Science & IT
B.Sc. CSIT course is not just an IT (Information Technology), it is appended with CS (Computer Science). Dual specialization in computer science and IT develops competent professionals. Computer science comprises computing systems and software, while IT brings computer and people together.


3. International Acceptance : 4 Year Degree & 8 Semester Program
A 4 year duration and 8 semester course structure makes this bachelor level program internationally acceptable. Graduates can fit into global industries and can also land into Master degree courses without any bridging minor or post graduate course into the top universities of the world and inside Nepal as well.


4. Balanced Course Path : Fundamental to Advance
B.Sc. CSIT students start learning from basic principles of Computer Science. Students learn fundamental courses in first two years. Last two years is for specialized and advanced courses. The advanced courses that student studies in the final year of B.Sc. CSIT are compared to the higher degree courses.


5. Reputed University : Global Recognition & Accreditation
Tribhuvan University is the oldest, largest, and most reputed university of Nepal having international bilateral relations. B.Sc. CSIT program of Tribhuvan University has a global recognition and accreditation and its graduates can fit into industries anywhere.


6. Interdisciplinary Approach : Linkage & Insight
Connections between wide-ranging subject areas and their correlations in the B.Sc. CSIT course program enables students handling rapid changes in technology. This fosters critical thinking, inventive ideas, and enthusiasm for professional work.


7. Professional Preparedness : Projects & Internships
To prepare students for industry, B.Sc. CSIT course comprises thorough practical approach with great deal of project work and internship is inclusive within the curriculum. This gives students adequate professional exposure which helps focusing on key interests, career objectives, and job opportunities.


8. Extensive Career Opportunities : Reputed & Good Jobs
B.Sc. CSIT graduates have extensive career opportunities. The jobs will be fabulous and with good pay depending upon student’s ability and skills. As the world is getting closer with technology, the need of CSIT professionals keep on increasing day by day.

Last Words…
Students willing to join computer studies in their bachelors usually think what’s next? They are very worried about the job, foreign study and recognition, and this is also obvious. In my suggestion, if you like to learn really a good course in terms of theory, design, programming and applications of computers then B.Sc. CSIT could be a best choice for you. You may lead toward one of the many good paying jobs or you may also start your own company. But one should keep in mind that, in technology, people invest in skills and not in certificate. You will not regret joining B.Sc. CSIT, but the point is how you want to drive your career. Today, most of my friends are in good position in different companies and even some of them have their own. So it has already proved the course but it doesn’t prove you. I am not intending to discourage you, but you have to study well to get the good skills.