3 Life Lessons Every CSIT student Must Learn

3 Life Lessons Every CSIT student Must Learn

The faster you learn these three tips, the quicker you will be on the road to success.


Your four years in college is the transition time for not just growing into teens to adulthood, but also into independent person, which is thrilled to be successful well-adjusted Human Being.

1. Make decision instantly is a bad idea.

Whether you’re asking for weekend trip or joining the new teacher’s class, you’re always love to make the decision without digging into deep. You make decision on the base of your emotion. Sometime you say don’t like teacher just because you don’t like his/her face, you easily say don’t like Linux even with out trying because your friend says its not good.

As the growing man, You had to learn to weigh all the variables before giving an answer. “Emotional decisions tend to yield undesirable outcomes. Logic takes a backseat, and the risk you’re willing to take may be too much. If you’re hyped up, chances are you need to take time to check your emotions, gather the facts and then make the best decision possible.”

2. You learn even when you fail

Yes you hesitate to do things, because you afraid of failure. But you should agreed on universal belief, “we’re all human, everyone makes mistakes, and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it.”

Do you know, failure present more opportunity to learn from your mistakes than small shortcomings. The early you fail, you tends to do better on future by avoiding such failure you had already experienced. So start dreaming to do something bigger than you imagine, don’t wait for the time to come for safe landing. I know when you are studying on 1st semester, you feel you are not ready to learn lots of thing in IT which make you hesitate to do new things. Start doing you project from 1st semester, I am sure you will end up with learning lots of things. You start preparing beyond your class.

3. Don’t do for free.

It may feel strange, but I suggest you to ask money for your work. If your friend ask you to do his/her project, make your price. If you relatives ask you to repairs computers and softwares, don’t do for free, you can ask other favors instead.

You don’t need to ask for price like pro but when you start taking your cost, you forced to work seriously and you become professional. It will show you the scope and find out its real value. This will lead you to time management and resource management.